Thursday, 23 August 2012

Zak Darke is Agent 21

This book is really good. It is a sort of spy/mystery book. Zak knows that his parents are dead. And the world thinks that they were killed at a hotel restaurant by food poisoning. But Zak thinks that his parents were killed in a different way. For a couple of days Zak feels that someone is stalking him. He is then asked to be in an agency. He then accepts and then was the 21st agent. Zak wondered what happened to the other 20. But then the head of the agency (Michael) has assigned Zak to a very special mission. But it is up to Zak whether he accepts to do it or not. The mission is to find out about Martinez-the drug lord. If he succeeds in this mission, then the agency will tell Zak the truth about his parents. Will Zak choose to do it? If he does, will he survive it? Will he ever know who or what really killed his parents?

In this action packed Chris Ryan book, wherever you travel you will find yourself clutching the book and your eyes fixed on the pages. I recommend it to girls and boys between the age of 9-adult.

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